Star Rescue

Saving Hope

How we started

Our story began in 2016 with a injured dog we named Hope who was abandoned and left to die suffering in agonizing pain in a local housing estate. The dog we named Hope united a small and dedicated group of volunteers who decided there was a need for an animal welfare organisation in West Limerick.

Early on we focussed our rescue work in the local area and a decison was made to take on the name "West Limerick Animal Aid."

Protecting the

forgotten animals

We noticed an escalating problem with certain ages or breeds of dog here in Ireland. Stigma made it hard to find loving homes for these dogs. It turned out that across the water in Europe these pets were very much wanted and in demand.

In 2016 application was made to the Department of Agriculture Food & Marine to allow export of dogs to Europe enabling us to match the animals up with loving families.

Growing into

a registered charity

2018 arrives and with increasing numbers of animal rescues ongoing, the group decided to submit an application for Charitable Status.

The application for Charitable Status was approved in 2019 and the organisations growth continued.

As the months go by a practical decision is made to build on the mutual assistance between County Dog Pounds from outside of Limerick.

Our geographic expansion triggers a decision to rename to Star Rescue and an application is put in to the Charity Regulator and granted in 2021.

New Name,

New Logo Same Care & Dedication

Our Experienced team of volunteers continue to work hard rescuing, reuniting, rehoming animals that thought they'd been forgotten.

Feral Cats - TnR

Trap, Neuter & Return

Feral cats are often forgotten about and eventually brought to the attention of animal welfare organisations when a colony grows out of control or if illness takes hold in the colony.

TnR is a service we provide trapping cats in a humane cat trap, neutering and returning to the colony. Cats recieve a health check at time of neutering and are treated for any parasites or other health issues that may arise.

This is to stop the colony from growing further. We also keep an eye on previously neutered colonies with volunteers that are in the area.

Star Rescue

The Battle for Funding

Fund raising is always an ongoing struggle for our Team, our supporters come in all shapes and sizes just like our animals. In 2020 Star Recue were grateful to receive €1000 ex-gratia funding from the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine and in 2022 Star Rescue received a further €12,350 from the Department. We run competitons, events and donation drives across the year. A favourite amongst our supporters is the Star Rescue Calendar, which we produce every year and sell to help raise vital funds for our services.

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